Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend you to check out the following Frequently Asked Questions to see if they help with your issue, the following FAQ’s help with a majority of the queries we get every day –

•    Does this brick my device or lock me out of my device permanently?
No, your Apple device can be safely unlocked using our Doulci Activator. Our software is designed to exploit a huge set of vulnerabilities on Apple’s servers and devices, so you can regain access to your Apple device without losing any data on your device.

•    What Apple devices can be unlocked
You can unlock Macbooks, Airbooks, iPod Touches, iMacs, iPhones and Apple’s Power PCs using our hack tool.

•    How does this work?
Our unique hacking engine exploits a wide spectrum of vulnerabilities on Apple’s iCloud servers, to gain access to the required modules, which turn off the lock on your device remotely. We don’t have to access your iCloud account to disable the lock on your device, the lock is remotely turned off sending a signal from their iCloud servers using our hack tool. So, our method works very effectively regardless of the complexity of your password, or your physical location. Our hack tool doesn’t get your account banned, we ensure that no traces of our activity are left behind on their servers.

•    What measures do you take for security and safety?
We use an advanced 256-bit encryption technology to encrypt all the information, all the intermediate data generated in different phases of the hacking procedure are also encrypted, this method allows us to provide a higher level of security. So, even when our hack tool fails to finish the intended task for some reason, the information that may be left behind on their servers would be rendered useless as it’s almost impossible for them to build a decryption key for that information.

•    I finished all the steps, but my phone is still locked, what do I do?
You need to wait at least 15 minutes after you finish all the steps properly, for the hacking engine to kick-in and complete your requests safely. We recommend you to restart your Apple device after 15 minutes, so any temporarily cache would be cleared.

•    How do I support
You can support our service by sharing our website’s link with your friends and family.

•    Do you store user information on your servers?
No, your information is instantly erased from our system as soon as your request has been processed. We don’t store or sell any information, we completely rely on the income we generate through adverts on our website.

•    I’m facing difficulties using the hack tool, what do I do?
Make sure that you update your web-browser and please disable your ad-blockers or any plugins or extensions that may block elements on our website, for complete functionality of our software.

•    My query is still unanswered, what do I do?
Please get in touch with us via our Contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.