How it Works

Hundreds of thousands of people get locked out of their iPhones, iPod Touches, iMacs and other Apple devices, and most of the time, the users are required to completely reset their devices, which formats all the important files and media on their devices. In fact, some people even sell their devices for parts, or sell them to some other country. It’s an undeniable fact that the information on our iPhone devices is something we can’t afford to lose all of a sudden. Also, thousands of iPhone devices are rendered useless because they’re locked out of their iCloud.

We knew that people really needed a way to bypass or disable the iCloud login prompt. We’ve developed the most effective way to gain back access to their locked iPhone devices. However, our hack tool wasn’t built for illegal purposes, although it can unlock 99% of the locked devices out there. We don’t endorse people who try to unlock stolen devices.

Our unique Doulci Activator is designed in such a way that it can hack into 99% of the Apple devices out there. Our algorithm works on almost any locked Apple devices regardless of the version of the operating system.

After a user enters his iCloud Email ID and chooses the type of Apple device, our algorithm picks the most vulnerable Apple iCloud server based on a wide range of variables and start the hacking procedure. Our hacking algorithm doesn’t try to figure out your password, but it actually breaks into your account by hacking the modules that can recover your account when you forget your password. That way, we can gain access to your account without having to find out what your actual password is, saving tons of resources and time.

This method is completely fail-proof because we don’t brute force for your password, we just hack the modules that resets your account and gain access to your account that way, without raising a flag in their security system.

You can use this method to unlock any Apple devices across the globe without ever having to spend a dime. In fact, you can use Doulci Activators as many times as you want, even on a single device. So, you can retrieve all the media and files that were stored in the iCloud account and continue using your locked device for free. We’re proud to let you know that over ten thousand people a day use our website to unlock their locked Apple devices.

Tons of Apple devices are discarded or sold for parts just because they’re locked out of their own devices, which we feel is very unfair. So, we encourage you to share our website’s link to your friends and family and help them regain access to their locked devices. We’re also working on many unlocking software and hack tools for a wide range of devices on the market today, we’d love to hear your opinions, suggestions and feedback, please write to us if you’ve had any troubles using our hack tool.