How to Get a Guy to Love You

When women can fall faster to some macho men out there, how it is possible to ensure that if he has the same feelings for you as well. If not, then how to capture his attention and make him your teddy? Here are some useful tips.

Do not blow it

When you rush things in anxiety, then there are all chances that you would blow it. Understand that love is a spontaneous feel and it takes time for men to fall in love with some girl truly when the person is completely matured. The past experiences of his own or the experiences of his friends may make him think and act wisely. Do not worry. Wait with patience.

Asking for help

When you really do not need his help, just show off as if you need his assistance for one thing or the other. Men would not show up so easily that they need your help. Cut out your ego and reveal that you will want his help for so many things that you do. It means you get his assistance and you get more time to spend with him. The vice versa is also true. It is a nice chance to show more good things of you to him. He might be pleased to notice how nice a human being you are. It may or not be true but you are getting a chance to maximize the time spent with him on a routine basis. It is the catch.

Make him long for you

After that routine, is continued for a week or a month, take a break. Make him feel for your absence all of a sudden. Go somewhere deliberately to go out of his sight but keep a track of his moves with the assistance of the others. Communication is so well developed today. Keep spies here and there to see his emoticons. Make your friends talk about you in your absence to him. See if he is really missing your presence. If he does, then do not prolong the break. Give him a surprise visit. Let it be a sweet surprise, though.

Admire him openly

Do not compliment him for everything he does. When there is something really appreciable then you can even exaggerate the action. He would take it. That is where your true nature will shine better. When you are going to admire his masculine appearance often, then you are making him proud and shy at the same time. Do not forget to do that as often as possible. He must know somehow that you are always thinking about him. Do not ever try to change his characteristics or advise him to become a superstar overnight. At the same time, you can be the best support for him to come up in his life and in succeeding his targets. 

Men love you when you are a good listener. When men listen to you while you talk nonsense then it is the initial days when you are in a romance with each other. When you have to listen to his blabbers later on then that is the phase when you are already in the relationship. So, there are distinctions. Find a person who can be a good admirer and a great listener to whatever you say, for your entire life. It is really hard to find one but when you find someone truly in love with you, then the guy can exceed your expectations by all means as such.